Lets get Tech-y: The Camera

For most people choosing a camera can be a huge deal- I’m one of those people. I would not call myself a photographer BUT I do like taking nice pictures and have control over my pictures. So choosing a camera took me about 3-months worth of research and here is what I found: The is a lot of tech involved with a camera but most of the time it will come down to how the camera feels to you. Can you hold the camera, does it fit well, and most importantly will you use it! Their is not point spending the money to buy an Digital SLR camera if you are constantly using the camera on your phone!

I had done my research and was deciding between a Nikon or a Canon. I decided to go to the store and test each camera out- this is why I say how the camera feels is important. I went to the store convinced that the Nikon was the better camera-as my research had indicated it was slightly better than the Canon. However once I was at the shop, looking at and using each camera, I decided on the Canon.  I chose the Canon EOS 1100D (link here) because it felt comfortable in my hands, wasn’t too big and it was a little easier to navigate. It is a great entry level Digital SLR. As I mentioned I’m not a photographer but this is great at capturing the moment and entertaining my hobby. You can typically get this camera in a twin lens pack, which is great because it allows you to work with a lens designed for portraits (close-ups) and for Landscapes.

This camera is great and has been with me for 3 years and to 4 different countries. The Canon’s are great because majority of their lenses fit all their products so I don’t need to worry about buy the right lens for my camera- I can focus on the range of the lens etc. This camera as I said is great for me, as an entry level (hobbyist) photographer- I have capture some amazing things with this camera.

For anyone wanting to travel or wanting to ensure they capture life moments- A camera is essential. As I have mentioned, ensure you do your research but also go into a shop have a look and feel for each camera- then make your decision.

Below are some pictures from my camera…


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